Chairman’s Word August 2010

Last time I wrote looking towards the coming show season, and now already with the main shows over we look to the coming sales with optimism. Lambs have been a good price and cast ewes exceptional – this should augur well for the breeding stock. Now as breeders we need to keep up the momentum […]

Chairman’s Word May 2010

Hello everyone What a year it has been, with the weather dominating everything we have had it all frost rain snow and now drought! Locally a small stream running through a village is dry and the hills with thin soils on limestone started to look green are now turning brown with the lack of rain. […]

AGM 2009 report

The AGM weekend started with a visit to Mr John Smithson, Kirby Stephen, Cumbria on Saturday 3rd October in the afternoon to view the East of Eden Flock at home. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and sociable afternoon with the weather being dry. Thanks were extended to John for starting the AGM weekend with some […]

Carlisle Rouge Sale 14th August 2009

Rouge breeders gathered for one of the biggest sales of Rouge sheep seen for some time at Borderway, Carlisle at the annual show and sale on behalf of the Rouge Sheep Society. This included the dispersal sale of the adult portion from the Broadwood flock for David Janes of Bridgewater.

Flock Visit: John Smithson

In addition to the Annual General Meeting taking place on the 3rd of October, Society Chairman John Smithson has kindly organised an extra flock visit to take place, starting at 1.00pm, before the society AGM later on that day. John looks forward to welcoming you to Skelcies Hall, Appleby Road, Kirkby Stephen CA17 4PG Please […]

Chairman’s Word – August 2009

They say that time flies when you are having fun but I think it is when you are getting old, as it doesn’t seem long since it was lambing time and now the entries are closed for the Carlisle sale. In between the society has been busy at the NSA sheep events so I must […]

South West club report

The South West Rouge Club had its AGM last Wednesday, Joy Churchill was re-elected to the chair, Titch Hammett as vice chair and James Siggs as Secretary/Treasurer. Simon Wright was elected to be the Region 3 Representative on Council, Debbie Siggs as the deputy.