Head:  The head is reddish pink in colour, bare of wool but may have a covering in brown or whitish hair. A wide hornless forehead with ears of same colour, which are straight and alert.  Broad muzzle, prmoderately short staple.  Avoid an open fleece, kemp, black or brown spots in the wool, short staple, stripping around tail or down the neck.

Ewes:  Mature ewes weigh 70 – 100 kgThey have excellent mothering ability and are extremely milky.  Lambing percentage is well above average, with many pedigree flocks reaching well above 200%.  Out of season, breeding is a feature of the rouge and its early maturity.  This enables ewe lambs to be bred from in their first year.

Rams:  Mature rams weigh from 100 – 140 kg.  The Rouge is a dual-purpose breeding sire of medium size. It has excellent conformation, without excessive bone.  They are extremely hard workers and are easily adaptable to a range of climatic conditions found throughout the UK, even on the hill.