Sheep for Sale / Wanted

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17 Responses
  1. Angela Crust

    3 Pedigree Rouge Shearling rams for sale, Lincs Area. Please contact me by email or contact the society.

    1. Rebecca Brooks


      We are interested in buying a Rouge tup. Have you any pictures and details etc.?

      We are in Lincolnshire.


      1. Hi Richard
        Rams are various prices depending on the seller and quality. If you give me an area I will put you in touch with a breeder in your area.

        1. Richard Taylor

          Good morning, Thankyou for your reply,
          I live near Penistone, south Yorkshire S36 4GY
          Thanks again

  2. Ian Teasdale

    Rouge Rams for Sale in North Yorkshire. Lambs and Shearlings. Great Skins & Carcuss. Please call Ian Teasdale 07980 880720

      1. Hi Elma
        I do not seem to have a reply from you as to your area, my mobile number is 07803897419 if you want some information.

        Pat Imlah

  3. Jennifer Harris

    Hi I’m looking for a ram based in North Wales. If anyone knows of anyone local that would be great many thanks, Jennifer

  4. Moreels Nick

    I am from Belgium and I am a Rouge the l’ouest breeder, I am also veterinarian. I have still some rams and females for sale. If there is someone interested you can give my email.